We started out with two aims; 1. to create exquisite advendture wear and 2. to empower outcast widows in Nepal. With our partner charity Women for Human Rights, we aim to make discrimination against these women a thing of the past, we're currently making a documentary on the subject(preview above).

Discrimination against women in Nepal is prevalent, due to the structure of the society which is deeply rooted in patriarchal practise. Women are constantly marginalised and single women (widows) are in an even worse state. Single women are considered as symbols of ill-omen and considered the cause of the death of their husbands. Furthermore, unfavourable laws and policies that are often discriminatory only further aggravate their suffering, lowering their status in society.

Above: Educational forum being held in Kathmandu.

The organisation Women for Human Rights - Single Women's Group was founded to empower women economically, politically, socially and culturally in order to live dignified lives. Initially the group focused on encouraging single women to step outside the confines of their home and share their sorrow, fears and frustration at monthly forums. The single women that were included in these forums found solace in sharing stories with others with similar experiences. By realising that they were not alone, the single women formed new connections and started working together to boost their confidence and empower themselves. The group met informally for 2 years in a small room in Kathmandu until WHR became a formal organisation in 1994. Today, with it's headquarters in Kathmandu, it works in 73 districts throughout Nepal, with over 100,000 single women registered as active members.